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Payday, made better.

Automate your money. Easy pay management. Customisable splits. Secure bank transfers.

Where smarter money management begins.

Say goodbye to manual transfers and complicated bank settings. Divy Up's innovative mobile app makes it easy to manage your pay by providing a unique BSB and account number and the flexibility to split your salary among multiple bank accounts, including accounts at other institutions. Start taking control of your finances with Divy Up today.


We treat your information with respect. 256-bit encryption keeps your data safe.


Your money moves securely to your accounts through Approved Deposit-taking Institutions.


Effortlessly link and manage payments to multiple bank accounts from any Australian institution.

Frequently asked questions

Quick and easy answers to common questions about Divy Up's features and functionality.

How do I get started with Divy Up?

To get started with Divy Up, you will need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play, connect your bank accounts and provide your employer with your BSB and Account Number.

How do I use Divy Up to manage my budget?

Divy Up helps you automate your finances, making it easy for zero-based budgeters to allocate every dollar to a specific purpose and ensuring that you stay on track with your budget. Bucket budgeters can use Divy Up to automatically distribute funds into designated "buckets" for specific expenses, giving you control over your finances.

How is Divy Up different from banking apps?

Divy Up is different from other banking apps in that it is specifically designed to automate pay splits and budgeting, and it also allows for the management of accounts at other financial institutions.

Can I use Divy Up with multiple bank accounts?

Yes, Divy Up allows you to link multiple bank accounts. The platform makes it quicker and easier to distribute your money to each account, giving you full control for managing your money on payday.

What are the benefits of using Divy Up?

Divy Up offers the benefits of automation, convenience, and security for managing your pay and budget. It allows for easy split of salary among multiple bank accounts, including accounts at other institutions. Additionally, Divy Up uses the latest technology for fast, secure and real-time transfers.

How secure is my information on Divy Up?

Divy Up uses the latest security technology to protect your personal and financial information, and adheres to all relevant regulations and laws to ensure your information is kept safe

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